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        Northwest Dental Exposition (NWDE) 2022

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  1. Here is downloadable event program which has a complete event overview including timeline, lecture schedule, and expo map (https://nwde2022.expofp.com/)

  2. Download and/or print handouts for scientific sessions by clicking this Google Drive link. 

  • Greg Clarkes - Emergency Planning: Mock Drills

  • Dr. Reid Friesen - Temporomandibular Disorders: An Evidence-Based Review of Etiology/Diagnosis and Management

  • Dr. Anthea Senior - Bitewings, Periapicals and Panoramics in the Dental Office: Are they still useful in a 3D world?

  • Dr. Miller Smith - Oral Maxillofacial Surgery A to Z - from the dental clinic, to knowing what and when to refer.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Lo - Endodontic/Periodontal Lesions and Cracked Teeth

  • Dr. Nazia Abrol - The Critical W’s in FGG and CTG

  • Dr. Alan Kilistoff, Girish Padmanabhan - Ergonomics and Magnification - how to enjoy retirement.

  • Dr. Darsi Perusini and Dr. Marissa Kobewka - Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics: Interdisciplinary Perspective

  • Dr. Aviv Ouanounou - Pathophysiology, Pharmacotherapy and Dental Management of the patient with common medical conditions

  • Anna Louise Tolan RDH - NEVER GIVE UP! Clinical Therapeutic ChallengesRecordkeeping: What to Document

Our event featured 104 exhibitors, 11 speakers and we had over 1050 registered attendees!  

Dr. Cathy Kucey

NWDE 2022 Chair 

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