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Scientific Session - November 6, 2020

Sleep & Airway Management; Why, How & What? In today’s society people are continually looking for new ways to improve their quality of...

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Who We Are

This society is neither a regulatory body nor an educational institute.
However, it can play a pivotal role for both ourselves and the people we serve: our patients.

The mission of the Edmonton & District Dental Society is to support Edmonton and area dental professionals by:

  • providing professional education
  • providing networking opportunities
  • promoting dentistry as a profession
  • contribute to the community
Celebrating 100 Years

In 2013, the EDDS celebrated its 100th anniversay.

Our Vision is to continuously promote excellence in Dental Health Care Education.

Our goal is to provide an environment for continual renewal, self-renewal with a congenial social atmosphere and a progressive curriculum.

We help foster a positive attitude for our profession, as a caring group displaying leadership in our community.

Executive Slate for 2019-20

President – Dr. Becky Antel

Past-President – Dr. Claudia Martin

President Elect – Dr. Dominika Szyling

Vice President – Dr. Brent Shkopich

Secretary – Dr. Andrew Wong

Treasurer – Dr. Laura Pratt


  • Dr. Elena Hernandez-Kucey
  • Dr. Brian Lam
  • Dr. Brian Wong 
  • Dr. Nathan Ng

Central Office:  Ms. Robyn Ross

Executive Slate for 2018-19

President – Dr. Claudia Martin

Past-President – Dr. Blaine Aucoin

President Elect – Dr. Becky Antel

Vice President – Dr. Dominika Szyling

Secretary – Dr. Laura Pratt

Treasurer – Dr. Brett Shkopich


  • Dr. Elena Hernandez-Kucey
  • Dr. Brian Lam
  • Dr. Andrew Wong
  • Dr. Brian Wong 

Central Office:  Ms. Robyn Ross

Executive Slate for 2017-18

President – Dr. Blaine Aucoin

Past-President – Dr. Matt Saper

President Elect – Dr. Claudia Martin

Vice President – Dr. Becky Antel

Secretary – Dr. Dominika Szyling

Treasurer – Dr. Brant Alfaro


  • Dr. Patricia Allewell
  • Dr. Brian Lam
  • Dr. Miguel Pohl
  • Dr. Laura Pratt
  • Dr. Brett Shkopich    

Central Office:  Ms. Robyn Ross

Executive Slate for 2016-17

President – Dr. Matt Saper

Past-President – Dr. Trevor Schnepf

President Elect – Blaine Aucoin

Vice President – Claudia Martin

Secretary – Trish Allewell

Treasurer – Brant Alfaro


  • Becky Antl
  • Mintoo Basahti
  • Miguel Pohl
  • Laura Pratt
  • Dominika Szyling

Central Office:  Ms. Robyn Ross

Executive 2015-2016

President: Dr. Trevor Schnepf

Past President: Dr. Miguel Pohl

President Elect: Dr. Matthew Saper

Vice President: Dr. Blain Aucoin

Treasurer: Dr. Brant Alfaro

Secretary: Dr. Claudia Martin


  • Dr. Patricia Allewell
  • Dr. Blaine Aucoin
  • Dr. Mintoo Basahti
  • Dr. Laura Pratt

Central Office:  Ms. Robyn Ross