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Northwest Dental Exposition 2020

  • September 26, 2020
  • Online

Digital Lecture Day

Dr. Pallavi Parashar

Lumps, Bumps and Craters: Oral Manifestations of Infectious diseases

Dr. Rodrigo Cunha


Dr. Farzin Ghannad

Guided Bone Regeneration

Anna Louise Tolan RDH

Never Give Up! Clinical therapeutic challenges

Kathleen Bokrossy RDH

Creating the Ultimate Dental Hygiene Experience

Dr. Taras Konanec

Warm Injection Molding with Composite and Modern Matrices


Dr. Rodrigo Cunha


Simplifying Endodontics: from shaping to packing

Endodontics can often be difficult and frustrating. Incorporating technology into your daily practice will provide you with the tools and confidence required to take on more challenging cases. This evidence-based course will focus on essential technologies that are critical for the successful treatment of complex endodontic scenarios. Topics to be cover include:

  • Ultrasonic units and ultrasonic tips, which enable the clinician to remove tooth structure in a more conservative manner and access difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Rotary and Reciprocating file systems, which are indispensable for faster and safer negotiation of canals with severe curvature.
  • The role of irrigants and irrigation has changed within the past few years as it has evolved from an adjunct solution to an important tool for disinfection.
  • Different devices and techniques will be discussed for filling the root canal system “blocking” the portal of the entrance to bacteria which is paramount to maintain the asepsis achieved during disinfection.

Learning Objectives:

After completing the course, the students will be able to:

1- Apply the “Microsonics” concept in order to enhance the chances of finding extra canals (i.e MB2 and Mesial-Middle Canal);

2- Compare both rotary and reciproca8ting instruments when shaping the canals;

3- Recognize the importance of the irrigation protocol with the aim of achieving disinfection;

4- Compare several devices and techniques for a perfect three-dimensional obturation.

About the Speaker

Dr. Rodrigo Sanches Cunha completed his Undergraduate Dental Degree in 1994, which he obtained from the Catholic University of Campinas in Sao Paulo - Brazil.  His post-graduate studies include a Specialty degree in Endodontics obtained in 1997 from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP); in 2002, a M.Sc. degree in Clinical Dentistry (Endodontics), and in 2006, a Ph.D. degree in Dental Sciences both of which he received from Sao Leopoldo Mandic Centre for Dental Research. 
In 2011, Dr. Cunha moved to Winnipeg to work as a Full-time Professor at the College of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba.  Dr. Cunha became Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada (Endodontics) in 2013 and, in 2016, decided to work in Private Practice full-time. Dr. Cunha is the co-founder of Prairie Endodontics and Winnipeg Endodontic Study Group. Dr. Cunha has been a guest speaker at more than 200 events worldwide. Dr. Cunha has published more than 100 papers and abstracts in several peer reviewed journals and six book chapters and has extensive clinical experience obtained working in Private Practice limited to Endodontics since 1995.

Sponsored by Dentsply.

Dr. Farzin Ghannad


Guided Bone Regeneration

The vast array of bone graft materials have created complexity and confusion. This lecture will talk about different bone substitutes as well as barrier membranes. Understanding basic bone grafting concepts along with basic surgical techniques is the key for successful outcome. The course will summarize bone grafting material and techniques used for socket preservation, lateral ridge augmentation and sinus elevation. 

About the Speaker

Dr. Farzin Ghannad maintains private practices in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Kamloops limited to periodontics and implant surgery. He held the position of associate director of graduate periodontics and implant surgery at the University of British Columbia from 2010 to 2015. He obtained his DDS from the University of Goettingen, Germany in 1996 and completed his MSc degree and specialty training in Periodontology at the University of British Columbia in 2007.

Sponsored by STRAUMANN.

Dr. Pallavi Parashar


Lumps, Bumps and Craters: Oral Manifestations of Infectious diseases

An update for practitioners regarding oral manifestations of common infectious diseases. Special emphasis will be on Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) associated oral lesions and HPV-associated cancers.


Dr. Pallavi Parashar is a board certified Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist. She received her Dental Degree in India, after which she completed a residency program in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology at University of Maryland, Baltimore. She was awarded a DDS degree at University of Colorado after she completed the Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists.

Dr. Parashar currently co-directs the Oral Medicine Graduate Program at the University of Alberta. She provides clinical consultations to patients in her private practice at Renew Oral Surgery (Renew Oral Pathology Consultation Services) and also participates in the Oral Pathology biopsy service. Prior to her move to Canada, she was a faculty at University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine and was the Head of Clinical Oral Diagnosis. She spent time as a scholar at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Parashar has Diplomate status with the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, and she is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. She is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Oral Medicine. She was recently inducted as a Fellow into the American College of Dentists and the International College of Dentists.

 Dr. Parashar specializes in Clinical and Microscopic diagnosis of Oral Lesions. She is passionate about her profession and is actively involved in research activities. She also enjoys travelling, and spending time with her family and her 2 dogs.

Dr. Taras Konanec


Warm Injection Molding with Composite and Modern Matrices

Direct composites are underappreciated in today’s world of implants and computer-assisted ceramics. Yet, composite can be one of the least invasive, most natural and wonderfully esthetic of all restorations. Experience a unique approach to modern resin dentistry. 

Participants will learn how to use injection molding to create ideal margins, rounded emergence profiles, and mirror-smooth restorations. Anatomic Bioclear matrices are one of the main advancements in anterior composite dentistry in recent years – and the technique keeps evolving!

Learning objectives
  • Close a black triangle and create a mirror-like finish and invisible margins.
  • Receive an update and a hands-on evaluation of modern matrices, wedges, and separators.
  • Review the preparation features of an enamel-driven Clark Class II in a molar and restore it.
  • Learn and perform the three steps to achieve rock-solid posterior composite contacts.
  • Learn how dentists can improve the longevity of their posterior composites.
  • Learn how to best combine heated flowable and composite materials using the injection molding technique.
  • How the achieve the three-step “rock star polish”.
Who should attend?

Clinicians and restorative hygienists interested in providing fast, predicable long-lasting and esthetic restorations.

About the speaker

Dr. Taras Konanec, DDS’97, co-owner of the Drummond Dental Group in downtown Montreal is in his 21st year of teaching as a part-time faculty lecturer at McGill University in the Department of Operative Dentistry and in the Graduate Practice Management Course. He is the 2018 recipient of the McGill Faculty of Dentistry’s Ralph Silverstone Teaching Award. 

Dr. Konanec’s passions lie in minimally invasive dentistry techniques and in microscope-enhanced dentistry. He focuses on the use of the BioClear Method to restore anterior teeth and cast gold to restore posterior teeth. He practices daily using a dental operating microscope to enhance attention to detail. He is a member of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry, the Academy of R.V. Tucker Study Clubs, Spear Study Club, and the Academy of General Dentistry.


Anna Louise Tolan


Never give up! Clinical therapeutic challenges

Protocols for initial debridement are well established, while the challenge for clinicians is to ensure clients with persistent bleeding points are receiving definitive periodontal therapy. To achieve this, we must continually assess our treatment effectiveness by examining outcomes and addressing its limitations for disease progression.

This practical and informative session will help to expand your armamentarium, master how to work a furcation, and provide tools and techniques to boost your confidence in making evidence-based decisions on new approaches to deliver and manage remedial maintenance instrumentation. It will focus on specific instrumentation techniques and tips used in comprehensive periodontal therapy, and the detection and removal of burnished calculus. The proof of your application of new skills will be evident in your next bleeding point assessment – and in knowing you never gave up the challenge to achieve successful outcomes in periodontal therapy.

Learning objectives

  1. Identify the potential causes for persistent inflammation and bleeding points.
  2. Understand the challenges of morphology.
  3. Develop techniques for detection and removal of burnished calculus.
  4. Identify and utilize an individualized combination of hand, power, and subgingival air flow debridement interventions to successfully impact disease.

About the speaker

Anna Louise Tolan, a practicing dental hygienist, brings 30 years of clinical experience specializing in advanced periodontal therapy and client education. She received her fellowship from the Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries and serves on several industry advisory committees as a key opinion leader.

During this session, she will engage and encourage you to continually assess your treatment effectiveness and boost your confidence in making evidence-based decisions.

This will ensure clients receive the most definitive periodontal therapy.

Sponsored by HU-FRIEDY.

Kathleen Bokrossy


Creating the ultimate dental hygiene experience

Every aspect of life has been shaken by COVID-19 and it is imperative that we, as dental hygienists, adjust how we practice and communicate the importance of oral hygiene. It is time to make the paradigm shift that has our patients value their appointments and take ownership of their oral and overall health.

Now is the time that we can make change happen. The public is listening and becoming more aware of the oral-systemic connection. We can finally shift from “just a cleaning" to being part of their preventative medical strategy.

We need to create an experience and help our practice stand out from the crowd. An experience that will have our patients talking, sharing, and referring.

Together we will discuss strategies on how to transform the dental hygiene experience and change the status quo for the clinician, the patient, and the practice.

By transforming the dental hygiene experience we will see a positive change within our practice and within our clients.

Learning objectives:

  • Be current with screening tools that need to be implemented into the assessment phase
  • Learn questions to add to the client’s medical history
  • Review strategies to help shift from ‘just’ an oral appointment to one of the overall body health
  • Outline key components to implement positive change within your dental hygiene practice
  • Discover new strategies and technologies to help create a comfortable and engaging experience

About the speaker

Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH entrepreneur, author and Quality Assurance Coach, has been bringing engaging energy to the dental profession for over 30 years. Kathleen is the president of rdhu Inc., a Professional Development company which provides team events, hands-on education and online learning. 

She is the publisher for Dental Hygiene Quarterly and is on the Speakers Bureau for P & G, Crest & Oral B and a K.O.L for Bisco Canada and Ivoclar Vivadent.
She has written many articles for Dental Publications and has participated in writing a chapter on ‘Instrumentation’ for a U.S. textbook. 

Her vision is to help ‘Transform the Dental Hygiene Experience’ for the clinician, the practice and their patients. Kathleen works closely with dental practices to help them thrive in today’s marketplace.

Sponsored by Crest, Oral-B, Ivoclar Vivadent.

Dr. Robert Margeas

Free Hand Diastema Closure

Registration Details

Please contact the EDDS office at edds.yeg@gmail.com to register.

Registration deadline date September 10, 2020.

Fee: $200 (no tax)

Note: Technique kit will be shipped to address provided.

Closing midline diastemas with composite can be a challenge with achieving proper width, marginal staining, gingival emergence profiles, and overhangs. Matrix bands can produce long flat contacts, and wedges may lead to unsightly black triangles. This live, step-by-step interactive webinar focuses on Dr. Margeas’ simplified technique that quickly establishes ideal width, proximal contact and contour without removing any tooth structure and requiring minimal finishing. Participants will also learn and perform polishing and surface texturing that will further produce predictably natural-looking long-term restorations.

Course outcomes & hands-on learning objectives

  • Learn how to use the pull-through technique for tight diastema contacts;
  • Finishing and polishing technique to prevent white lines;
  • Learn the ideal technique for shade selection.

Who should attend?

General esthetic dentists, RRDH (dental hygienists with a designation to perform restorative procedures).

About the speaker

Dr. Robert Margeas graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 1986 and completed his AEGD residency the following year. He is currently an adjunct professor in the department of Operative Dentistry at the University of Iowa. He is board certified by the American Board of Operative Dentistry. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry, a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, American Society for Dental Aesthetics and International Team of Oral implantologists (ITI).

He has written numerous articles on esthetic and implant dentistry, and lectures and presents hands-on courses nationally and internationally on those subjects. He is currently the editor in chief of Inside Dentistry, on the editorial board of Compendium, and is a contributing editor to Oral Health in Canada. His memberships include OKU Honor Dental Society, American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, and the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry.

Dr. Margeas maintains a full-time private practice focusing on comprehensive restorative and implant dentistry in Des Moines, Iowa.

Follow him Instagram at @drbobmargeas.

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